๐Ÿ”งCommand Permissions

Enable/Disable commands for Roles, Users and Channels

  • Navigate to your Server Settings and clicking on Integrations and then selecting AVERY from the bot list.

  • You can then click on each command to enable/disable it for certain roles, users or channels.

Example - Restricting /loot command access

Let's look at an example where you would want to restrict /loot command for a certain role and channel. The settings in the screenshot below:

  • Disables access to @everyone and only allow users with the @Primate role access the command.

  • Also, disabled access in all channel by the #loot channel.

Now, ONLY users with the @primate role will be able to use the /loot command ONLY in the #loot channel.

  • Careful when modifying/overwriting permissions for server manager/admin commands. Verify the command permissions are working by authorized users only after modification.

  • Do this at your own risk.

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